The Chrome OS space is populated by many Chromebooks, both school-ready and enterprise-grade. In retrospect, though,  this domain didn’t start too strong, and people weren’t faced with a whole lot of options when heading out to buy a Chromebook. Fast-forward to the ripe tech-forward era of 2022, and there are more Chromebooks in the market that you can comprehend.

  • Editing and annotating PDFs on a Chromebook may seem like a difficult task to some, given the lack of desktop-grade software for the purpose. However, the truth couldn’t be any further from the latter, now that Chrome OS boasts the functionality of the Google Play Store. The world of Android applications is exceedingly amazing at powering Chromebooks, so a regular user can do more and be more on Chrome OS.

  • Django is an open-source Python-based framework that deters the architectural pattern of model-template-views. It is maintained by the Django Software Foundation, an independent non-profit organization in the US. Since Django is a python-based framework, Python has to be installed on our Chromebook to do anything with Django. In simple terms, Django is useless without Python. Therefore, we shall first install Python on our Chromebook to kick start this tutorial guide.

  • If you are a Chrome or Android user, you often use Chrome Web Store and Google Play. These are the marketplaces for digital services and content available through the official channels of these platforms. However, even though they serve the same purpose, many differences exist.

  • When working on Google Sheets, sometimes you need to count the number of blank cells in a column, row, or matrix. This is most often the case when dealing with external data imported into the Google Sheets. To count these blank cells, there are multiple methods. Each one is useful in a different scenario.

  • Was everything going great on your device, but you were abruptly interrupted by the “Google Play Services keeps stopping” error? Fret not, since we’re going to show you all the possible ways of fixing this vexing issue. The Google Play Store is one of the best features that has ever arrived on the face of Chrome OS, unlocking a world of Android applications and colossal potential simultaneously. Haters of this sleek operating system have been finding it quite hard to call a Chromebook a “mere web browser” ever since, and it’s easy to see why.

  • Technology is at the forefront of everything today. Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Macs – all are advancing steadily with the passage of time and there’s no telling where we’ll be ten years from now. One of the most effective functionalities that have made it to the face of modern-day computers is cloud-based storage. It’s something that negates the necessity of having a physical hard disk drive or an external USB drive to store your documents, photos, videos, and other data.

  • Technology integrated into modern devices like Chromecast and Fire TV Stick has transformed how we stream content on our televisions. These smart devices allow us to see whatever we want, whenever we want. However, when it comes to selecting one for yourself, there is a lot of consideration to choose the right pick. Chromecast and Fire TV Stick usage varies from case to case, and buying one depends upon several different factors.

  • If there’s one thing that has been subject to constant improvements and feature additions throughout its release, it’s undoubtedly Chrome OS. This sleek operating system has been blessed with multiple functionalities as time progressed while enabling Chromebook users to do more and be more. A modern-day Chromebook can run WordPress, play Nintendo Wii U games, file taxes, and even install Windows 11, among other capabilities.

  • Taking screenshots on a Chromebook has never been easier, now that there’s a full-blown snipping tool present right in the Chrome OS interface. The feature has been pretty convenient throughout its release, but it’s still not yet there to pack more functionality. Power users with Chromebooks always find themselves looking for a more feature-rich screenshot tool to improve user experience and double their productivity.

  • Some farewells are pretty difficult, especially if you’re saying goodbye to mesmerizingly beginner-friendly, fast, and convenient music streaming application that has serviced you for 9 long years. That’s right. We’re talking about the relatively recent shutdown of Google Play Music, which was pioneered in 2011 and pulled the plug in December 2020.

  • One of the most appreciated features of the Google Chrome browser is that it can be significantly customized. The Google Chrome themes are a great way to make your browser appear however you want. It can change the overall look of the homepage and make your browsing experience a lot more satisfying and enjoyable. When it comes to Google Chrome themes, more options are available than you would think.

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