• ChromeOS remains a heavily updated operating system to date, with a significant release popping up for the platform after every four weeks or so. As announced by Google recently, the latest stable iteration of the program—ChromeOS 104—has managed to make landfall, and it’s shaping up to be quite the visual overhaul for Chromebooks.

  • The summers are about to end, and students are as anxious as ever to hop back into learning after a long, relaxing break. However, on the flip side, we have teachers who seem to be preparing the best course of action to captivate young learners and spark their educational spirit after a months-long hiatus.

  • Painters, artists, and digital creators rejoice! Knowing how to paint on a Chromebook will give you an upper hand in competitive and casual scenarios. Thankfully, a versatile array of options are available at a ChromeOS user’s disposal in this grand case, so you’re indeed left with best-in-class reception concerning the matter at hand.