Typically, whenever our laptops and Chromebooks go off by themselves, there is a high probability chance that the battery power is out. That is if it wasn’t connected to a power source. At times we get the popup notifications that the battery percentage remaining is 10% before they shut down completely. At this moment, everyone will be forced to find a source of power and plug in the charger to prevent the laptop from shutting down.

  • Chromebook’s are top-of-the-line computers with less powerful hardware as compared to traditional laptops and their operating systems. Whatever they lack, they make up for in terms of speed, reliance, and unmatched productivity. You can pull off a great many things using these Chrome-powered devices thanks to swift Linux support and Google Play Store integration.

  • With the absence of Adobe Audition – the most eminent audio editing software out there, Chromebook users are forced to approach alternative methods. However, some of these replacement apps’ user experience is on par with those on the top level, almost as if you’re not missing out on anything substantial. Audio editors, especially capable ones, come in extremely handy for people of all kinds. These are built to accommodate teachers, students, and musicians alike.

  • Google’s Chromebooks are becoming more popular for their ease of management, portability, affordable, reliable cloud-based system, and much more. These fantastic devices run the Chrome OS, which is a lightweight operating system based on Linux. It features a full Chrome browser and a simple Desktop Environment. With recent developments and updates, Chromebooks can now support Android and Linux applications.

  • Chromebooks are quite popular amongst students and professional workers alike since they’re so user-friendly, easy-to-carry, and—not to mention—come with long-lasting battery timings. However, considering their lines of work, they’d oftentimes need a scanner so that they could have their documents in soft form. Nonetheless, some users have to scan documents so frequently that their best bet is to buy a scanner themselves.

  • Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular in the market. For most users, transitioning from their usual Windows, Linux, or macOS PC to a Chromebook is relatively easy. Despite this, there are still many Chromebook tricks and tips that most people are not aware of. In this post, we will look at exactly just that.

  • Portable Document Format, or more vastly known as PDF, has seemingly become an important part of our lives. May it is an office worker, a college student, or anyone associated with using their computers online; no one can deny PDF files’ utmost reliability. If you’re not someone who was born in this generation, you probably realize how PDF’s have revolutionized digital communication.

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