You better believe that ordering meals from your favorite restaurants has been revolutionized ever since food delivery applications existed. These are a significant step up from tiresome phone calls where we’re often put on hold or not dealt with appropriately. All that, thankfully, isn’t in the picture anymore due to the efficacy of food delivery apps that you can now run even on your Chromebook.   

  • Buying a lottery ticket and don’t know what number to pick? Hosting a competition between friends and can’t decide on a single winner? Random number generators have been in the trend for quite a while now, and people have been using these for as long as they can remember. On mobiles and smartphones, the process of getting an arbitrary number is outright effortless, but several do not know that Chrome OS sports similar functionality.

  • Music is ever-green and has therapeutic effects on the human body. People often refer to the phenomenon as the soundtrack of our lives, and if you’re a solid admirer of the art of music, you can strongly resonate with the latter statement. For such a sizable entity, the world has made several computer applications to help us find our way with music and connect with our favorite artists. Out of all the options we have today at our disposal, if there’s one king to rule them all, it’s undeniably Spotify.

  • The world is loaded to the brim with entertainment. Many people prefer a more physical show, while others like it better when they can sit back at home comfortably and watch their favorite movies and television shows on screens. In this sector, Netflix is definitely the homecoming king, boasting an immense user base and a vast catalog of titles from all across the spectrum.

  • Owning a Chromebook, you don’t always have to bring your A-game to the table. When life gets full of stress and anxiety, perhaps, the best effort you could make is to invest a little bit of time in yourself to sit back, relax, and unwind. This gives your inner self some breathing space and rejuvenates your mind, and sets you up for success in the times to come.

  • Lenovo has not been showing any signs of slowing down its dominance in the Chrome OS space. As a matter of fact, the Chinese tech tycoon is one of the most well-established PC manufacturers out in the world today, easily earning a spot on our list of the best Chromebook makers of all time. From the Lenovo Chromebook Duet to the Lenovo Chromebook 3, this company is well on its way to reshape the concept of how we perceive budget-friendly Chromebooks.

  • Samsung is one of the leading tech companies out in the world today, and this flashy reputation doesn’t come without several solid reasons. First, this South Korean giant has honored the Chrome OS space by creating the first-ever Chromebook to sport a 4K display, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook – paving the way for other manufacturers to follow suit and come up with their own like-minded innovations.

  • Chromebooks are becoming a norm in the education and office space due to the functionality they boast and the speed they offer to users all across the spectrum. Apart from being ultrasafe and secure from viruses and everything of the like, Chrome OS has been blessed by the potency of Linux, which is a competent feature of Chromebooks. The latter makes way for a Terminal to manifest and write code and develop software on Chrome OS while opening up the world of top-tier Linux applications.

  • Have you meant to try out the experience of Chrome OS lately, or do you simply want to upgrade to a better Play Store and Linux-supported Chromebook? If that’s the case, your stars have aligned together perfectly. The HP 11.6″ Chromebook or otherwise known as HP 11a, has just gone on sale on BestBuy, shedding a whopping $140 off of the device’s MSRP and allowing you to nab it for $119.

  • Chromebooks are a boon for those that require speed, security, and stability at the forefront of their productivity and work hours. However, this wasn’t too long ago that Chrome OS was not compatible with the world of Android applications and Linux Terminal – both of which cater to increase the functionality of a Chromebook by a significant magnitude. As Google has taken due care of its sleek operating system, manufacturers have been equally busy making substantial Chrome OS laptops out in the market, dishing out one sensational device after the other and giving us Chromebook enthusiasts many options to consider before zeroing in on a firm decision.

  • 9.0

    ASUS is a renowned, Taiwan-based manufacturer making incredible progress in the Chrome OS space in recent times. It revealed three models at the event of CES 2021 back in January this year, and it appears that the company has been pushing the lines of innovation to newer horizons. The Chromebook Flip CX5 is one of the three released devices, and it’s nothing short of a dazzling workhorse. Next up is the Chromebook Flip CM5 and this unit is also something to write home about, with just one substantial flaw seeping into reality, and that is its 250-nits screen brightness.

  • When people go out to buy Chromebooks, they simply cannot overlook the options provided by ASUS in the Chrome OS market. That is because this Taiwanese manufacturer has a knack for creating top-of-the-line Chrome OS laptops, shaking up the Chromebook space, and leaving a dazzling impression without exceptions. Take a look at the ASUS Chromebook Flip C423 and the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 for that matter.

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