There’s no shortage of things you could do on a maxed-out Chromebook. The Google Pixelbook Go, for instance, packs powerful specs and top-quality features for an affordable price. Similarly, there is a bevy of other devices out there that can run virtual desktop machines using the highly convenient utility tool VirtualBox.

  • Chrome OS is equipped with a suitable number of accessibility features. The system may be stripped down for the most part and may lack extensive functionality, but the scenario is wholly compensated with speed, security, and simplicity. In addition, this sleek operating system is updated consistently, making itself ever-evolving and bringing new features every time.

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    Dell is one of the best manufacturers in the Chrome OS industry, and with devices like the Dell Chromebook 3100, it’s easy to see why. The US-based company has a diversity of products in its line-up that range from consumer-oriented to business and enterprise models. Its Latitude laptop series is also known for its high performance, great durability, and a nice overall experience. Now that we’ve got our hands on a premium Dell Chromebook, it’s time to see whether the Latitude 7410 makes the cut or not.

  • Charging your electronic devices is central to keeping them maintained and usable at all times. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have your charger by your side each time you need to charge your phone or laptop. There are many emergency cases not in your control, which is why it’s best that you know working alternatives to charging your device without a charger.

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    HP is a well-established company known for making top-tier quality products in the computing industry. They’re widely recognized for Windows-based laptops, but it seems that the US-based manufacturer is no longer messing around in the Chrome OS business as well. Over time, they’ve had the privilege of producing Chromebooks like the HP 14 that pack affordability and sensational value for money.

  • An average Chromebook’s functionality is increasing in manifold degrees as time is progressing. With each new Chrome OS update, the developer brings a bevy of convenient features to enhance our experience and make Chromebooks an enticing option for everyone out there. In addition, the integration of Chrome OS with the Google Play Store has expanded the limitations even further and has brought the world of Android applications to the table.

  • Chrome OS is loaded with several convenient features. Some of them may come in handy, while others are there for merely an aesthetic appeal. Either way, this minimalistic operating system is just quick, seamlessly easy to use, and has a top-tier user interface to get work done on the fly.

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    Chromebooks may not be widely understood as highly capable devices. Still, after owning them for a considerable period of time, there’s actually a lot that you can accomplish with Chrome OS down the road. Apart from being super-fast, simple in operation, and tremendously secure devices, Chromebooks have benefitted greatly from integrating with the Google Play Store, receiving a manifold increase in their functionality.

  • There’s a comprehensive array of video editing tools found on popular desktops like Windows and macOS. Chromebooks being less hardware-oriented and comprising a sized-down operating system, wouldn’t turn heads initially in this regard and people would deem them outright lacking.

  • Chrome OS is capable of performing a comprehensive array of regular computing tasks – similar to what one would find on other popular desktop-based PCs. While the focus with Chromebooks is aimed towards cloud-based storage solutions, there’s no such thing as not working with external hard drives on this minimalistic operating system. Even so, the process is quite identical to Windows and Mac since all you have to do is plug your USB in and easily get to work with it in a matter of clicks.

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    Video editing software is all the rage in this tech-forward era of the twenty-first century. We have top dogs like the Adobe Premiere Pro and CorelVideo Studio leading this industry, but there are several other worthy competitors. In a search to find a player that belongs in the high-ranking category, we’ve come across KineMaster – a feature-rich, premium-class video editing tool made and developed for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

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    In a world where video editing and video-making skills are on the rise and are widely acknowledged on a global level, one cannot go far without a handy editing tool by their side. When it boils down to Chromebooks, these minimalistic devices already sport a scaled-down operating system, thereby not installing and running powerful desktop-oriented software.

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