Everyone tech-conscious out there knows the significance of RAM thoroughly. For those of you who don’t, however, Random Access Memory (RAM) dictates the performance of your device – may that be PC, a mobile, or Chrome OS. This is a core component of your operating system that provides applications a spot to store data and also allows them quick access seamlessly. In this manner, multiple tasks can be executed on your device without it getting sluggish or heavy.

  • Chromebooks make sure that there is unparalleled ease and convenience when installing games and applications on your device. This is why you not only have one but three legitimate sources from where you can get the apps of your choice seamlessly. However, downloading and running them might be easy for some, but if for some reason you wish to get rid of your installed games and applications, you’ll probably have to uninstall them.

  • There are many times when we’d like to just sit back, relax, and unwind. If there’s something that could divert our attention and distract us from the constant struggle of life, it’s video games. Perhaps, their captivating nature has led gaming to become a billion-dollar industry.

  • Google is always looking to revamp Chrome OS in multiple possible ways whenever the opportunity arises. In doing so, they’ve improved the overall speed, interface, general accessibility, and much more with ample tweaks and improvements over time. Earlier, at the beginning of September this year, Chromebooks received a fundamental update that had a handful of new features added to these Chrome-powered devices.

  • Chromebooks might be the most secure devices out there with enhanced layers of protection from malware and dangers of the online world, but no one can guarantee 100% safety. Oftentimes, we end up somewhere completely unintentional, and that occurrence could lead to loss of data. That said, the internet is a boundless entity containing all sorts of content. To make sure you’re up to speed with safe browsing and evading malicious spyware, monitoring your activity could be a great option for you to get started – although it’s of no doubt that browsing safely depends entirely on you.

  • Perhaps why Chromebooks have seen immense success and a horde of curious users is because of how Chrome OS constantly evolves and becomes bigger and better with each passing day. Google’s very own blog makes sure that expert and casual consumers both are kept up to speed with recent developments and important changes.

  • When Chromebooks first landed in the market, users primarily used them to execute tasks via the Google Chrome browser, with most of the apps and data residing on the cloud. The local data is relatively less than most of these devices, with only an SSD with a few GB of storage.

  • Also regarded as desktop sharing, screen sharing is the process of providing access to your screen to another computer or device for the purpose of collaboration or multi-tasking. This way of utilizing the digital workspace has cut down the extra waste of time, birthed newer possibilities, and made teamwork much easier. You know how the adage goes by, “A picture is worth a thousand words” since screen sharing tends to live up to exactly that.

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