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Chrome Ready is a part of Vibrant Leaf Media Company.

Kiran Kumar, Editor-in-Chief

Hello! I’m Kiran Kumar, editor-in-chief at ChromeReady. I started using a Chromebook in 2018 when I got my first Pixelbook, and there has been no turning back ever since as the go laptop. I like how fast it loads and the excellent battery life I get from it. I’m a Linux lover, too, so I tinker with Linux installed in my Chromebook. I hope you enjoy reading our articles and hope they helped you somehow. Have a great day ahead!

Divya Kumar,  Administrator and Topic Researcher

Hey! I love working at ChromeReady! I worked as a Software Engineer before taking up blogging as my full-time job. I enjoy using Linux and can’t imagine anything else for my PC. I enjoy reading non-fictional books. Sapiens was my favorite last read.

Matt Dalton, Content Writer

Meet Matt Dalton. Call him a workaholic or an unstoppable writing machine; he loves writing about the latest in the Computing and AI industry.

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Alisha, Content Writer

Alisha is a Contributor at ChromeReady. She enjoys reading and writing anything tech and travel.

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John Horan, Content Writer

John is a writer at Chrome Ready. He enjoys tweaking his Chromebook and Linux distros. He loves to play golf and skiing and listens to anything rock when he’s not writing.

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